Lunch Time 

Quick, easy and so delicious.  Keep adding colour with in season vegetables. 

Bone Broth

Chicken soup makes everything better! Why not try this super easy and incredibly nutritious chicken bone broth. Drink it by the mug full, or add as a base to all your yummy soups and slow cooked dishes.

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Zing Rainbow Salad

All the colours of the rainbow are present in this salad, along with a whole lot of flavour, texture, crunch and zing! A perfect base for your favourite seafood, chicken or lamb dish.

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Tuna Kimchi San Choy Bau

Fast, fresh, crunchy & full of flavour. The perfect snack or lunch time treat. A great balance of probiotic fermented food, protein & good fats all rolled into a beautiful parcel of cos lettuce love.

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