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Sunshine Coast Nutritionist, Suse Bourke

Sunshine Coast nutritionist and chef, Suse Bourke has lived in this beautiful part of Queensland for the past 10 years.  She is a lover and enthusiast of the healthy life and embodies a life balance of nutrition, movement and fun.

After travelling extensively in her late 20’s she returned to Australia to become a chef. Suse studied commercial cookery in Brisbane and Toowoomba. She has run a successful catering business for many years, cooking for private and corporate clients in Toowoomba, Brisbane and now on the Sunshine Coast.

After losing her sense of smell some years ago she was drawn to study nutritional medicine which she undertook at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies in Brisbane. She currently runs her practise from the Kaizen Centre in Cotton Tree with an amazing group of like-minded health professionals ranging from fitness coaches, exercise physiologists and a massage therapist. Suse offers one to one nutritional sessions, online programs, and weekly healthy meals for you and your family, fridge and pantry clean outs, cooking classes. Don’t worry if you are not local she has clients all over Australia that she consults with on a regular basis.

Her skills and passion with food meld beautifully with her love, understanding and enthusiasm for nutritional medicine.

Suse’s client goals are to:

  1. Encourage clients to cook healthy food in a simple manageable way
  2. Educate clients on how to keep well-nourished and satisfied
  3. Teaching clients how to heal the mind and body through good nutrition

Currently Suse is working with many amazing clients all striving towards achieving their optimal health through   using food as medicine. These are some of the conditions she is currently working on with her clients.

  • Fatty liver disease
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Memory issues
  • Digestive complaints (IBS & IBD)
  • Body dysmorphia
  • Obesity & weight loss
  • PCOS and hormonal issues
  • Acne and other skin conditions
  • Anxiety and depression

Suse loves working with a wide variety of clients, guiding them to good health and happiness through the simple steps of cooking to nourish and heal the body.


Cook Nourish
Heal Nutrition Meals
Made With ❤️💚🧡


Creamy Chicken Alfredo w/ broccoli & spinach (Keto)

Mexican burrito bowl w/Mexican cauliflower rice, salsa, guacamole & spicy beef topped w/ cheese & sour cream (Keto)

Lamb halloumi & roasted pumpkin salad (Low Carb)

Sesame pork tenderloin w/ green beans (Keto)

Mushroom zucchini spinach onion Parmesan frittata

Roasted pumpkin spinach cranberry almond salad w/ apple cider vinaigrette


🧟‍♀️👻 🎃
Cook Nourish
Heal Nutrition
Meals Made With


Moroccan meat balls w/spiced yogurt cucumber dressing on tomato onion coriander chick pea salsa

Salmon cakes w/ baked sweet potato & coleslaw

Tandoori chicken on cauliflower rice

Bangers on veggie mash w/ peas & onion gravy

Greek salad 🥗 tomato red onion 🧅 cucumber 🥒 feta olives cos lettuce oregano 🌿 lemon vinaigrette

Raspberry keto cake $6

Deliveries 🚚
ℹ️ for you ✨

Your delicious nutritionally balanced meals shall be made with ❤️ & delivered to your door on:

THURSDAY 4th November before 2 pm.

Please let me know if you have any food sensitivities/allergies/intolerance ahead of time so I can accommodate your nutritional requirements. 🙏



consultations can provide information on the following areas of interest:

Auto immune disease
Chronic illness prevention
Stress & Fatigue
• Digestive Conditions
Weight management
Substance Dependency
• Food Sensitivities & Intolerances
Pantry and fridge clean outs
Cooking classes  in your home
Market and shopping tours
Sunshine Coast Nutritionist Suse Bourke

Suse Bourke

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Sunshine Coast Nutritionist AdvDIP Nutritional Medicine. Registered member with ANTA.  ABN 32 747 089 521

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