Dinner is made easy with these great recipe ideas. 
The first tip is to let your ingredients shine.   
And the second tip is if you are feeling hungry just top up with
veggies. It doesn’t matter what they are – just use what you have.   
Enjoy these quick and simple dinner recipes and make sure to share
your dinner with my at my instagram page.    

Spiced Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Dhal

I just can’t get enough of this fragrant winter warmer. If you love Indian food you will adore this recipe. It is oh so wholesome, delicious and easy to make. A popular choice for vegetarians or perfect for meat free Mondays!

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Salmon & Prawn Pie

Ultimate guilt free comfort food for cooler autumn nights, this dish will keep you feeling satisfied and cosy after a long day of work or when you feel like a warm lunch over the weekend. You can prepare it a day in advance and it freezes really well – Bon Appetite

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Bone Broth

Chicken soup makes everything better! Why not try this super easy and incredibly nutritious chicken bone broth. Drink it by the mug full, or add as a base to all your yummy soups and slow cooked dishes.

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Chicken Veggie Fried Rice

A wonderful easy dish to create for the fussiest of eaters in the family. The humble cauliflower provides fibre, folate, Vitamin C & K & has antioxidant & anti-inflammatory compounds.

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